Double bedroom Augusta

Referring to the themes of classicism the room is characterized by the colours and the geometric shapes of ancient roman dwellings. The furniture is classical and the walls are painted Pompeii yellow and red, they are embellished with classical Greek décor repeated also in the lamps and plants. Reproductions on the walls, as well as the presence of the colour gold in the mirror frame and table lamps, are an added touch of Rome.

The master bed is wrought iron with a comfortable mattress of the latest generation. Spacious, very bright and airy, thanks to the tall windows which are ceiling to floor, allowing access to the balcony which is along the entire façade of the building. This permits you to admire from above, everything that surrounds you. A love view of the city below. Among its many comforts, the room is equipped with self-regulating air conditioning.

Interesting Fact: At the time of the Roman Empire, ‘Augusta’ was a title given to the legitimate wife of the Emperor, and sometimes it was even given to her relatives. The Emperor, instead, was given the title ‘Augusto’, which in Latin meant “worthy of veneration and honour”. .




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