Double bedroom Livia

Ideal for those who enjoy modern style, the room has simple and elegant furniture, and at the same time has accessories which are of contemporary design. Characterized by white furniture and natural wood, the room is surrounded by pale lilac walls.

The uniqueness of this colour contributes to accentuate the luminosity of the room in the morning hours, and is pleasantly relaxing throughout the rest of the day. The night tables are hand made by a local artisan and combine the elegance of wrought iron with the lightness of glass. The master bed is standard size and has a comfortable mattress of the latest generation. Among the many comforts of the room there is self-regulating air conditioning.

Interesting Fact: Livia Drusilla Claudia, wife of the Emperor Ottaviano, was the most beloved Empress because she was so close to the Roman people and because she had a simple way of life without pomp. This is why in many of her statues she is often represented without jewelry or elaborate clothing..



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